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Verisure vs ADT

Verisure and ADT are two of the most popular home alarm systems on the market in 2022. Because they both target largely the same types of customers, there is broad overlap in their products and pricing.

Choosing between them comes down to your interest in self-monitoring (only offered by ADT) or system customisation (the core differentiation for Verisure). Verisure also offers AI-driven pet detection, which is promising considering ADT customers’ numerous false alarm claims on review platforms.

Overall, Verisure has a better reputation for customer service response time. However, it’s a more expensive system over a three-year contract from most customers. The contracts and equipment offerings are quite similar between them.

Verisure vs ADT Costs

Verisure is pricier than ADT over time, although the initial install cost is similar. The cost difference mainly comes from the monthly fees, which add up to £1080-1,440 for Verisure and £900–1260 for ADT.

Pricing is tricky with both brands, though, since they both require custom quotes based on your home size and sensor requirements.

For this reason, getting a quote from both and walking away from the lesser option is suggested if you can hold your ground against a trained in-person sales rep. (If not, consider a cheaper system like Simplisafe, which recently expanded from the US to the UK.)

All told, the price difference is around £300–400 all-in across three years. While that’s a lot, it’s not much relative to the importance of a proper home security system. Therefore, it’s recommended to make the call based on features and customer service response rather than price alone.

Verisure vs ADT Contracts

Verisure and ADT have one big thing in common: big contracts.

Unlike DIY systems, Verisure and ADT both required 2–3 year contract minimums from new customers.

As an added issue, once the contract is up, you have a new problem: monthly fee increases, which are particularly common with ADT.

Because the contract is so long, both brands are best suited to homeowners or renters who intend to stay put for several years.

The plus side of the contracts is that both systems include bespoke, professional installation. Unlike cheaper systems, you don’t have to guess and spend a full day installing the equipment yourself. Plus, you don’t have to rely fully on wireless — since both ADT and Verisure offer wired equipment when appropriate for extra reliability.

Verisure vs ADT Features

Verisure and ADT both offer smart home and automation features and integrations with the leading smart home platforms like Apple Homekit and Google Home.

Verisure is the leader in terms of smart locks, featuring Yale Doorman locks and a variety of options for issuing keys, codes, and fobs for guest access.

ADT has a larger array of options for core home appliances and temperature controls, including a panel for controlling the home network.

Verisure vs ADT Monitoring Options

Monitoring options are one area where Verisure and ADT differ quite a bit. ADT allows fully self-monitored options, meaning you pay a lower monthly fee and any home events are sent as alerts to your designated devices only — without alerting police or security.

Both companies offer police response and/or third-party security response as a premium feature option. However, keep in mind that extra fees are associated with police visits. In addition, as of 2022, if you have more than three false alarms with the local police force, they stop responding to future calls.

Verisure vs ADT Installation

Installation of Verisure and ADT is essentially the same experience, although Verisure has a better reputation for timeliness with the install.

In both cases, a professional system designer comes to your home, inspects the space, and suggests an appropriate setup to match your number of doors, windows, areas poorly lit and tempting to burglars, etc.

With Verisure, they’ll install on the spot if desired. ADT schedules out a few days. In either case, a professional handles any drilling and nailing that needs to be done, although most of the equipment has fully non-permanent placement options similar to DIY and Wi-Fi-based systems.

Verisure vs ADT Customer Service

Verisure is the leader in customer service, with higher Trustpilot ratings and fewer complaints about gaps between service requests.

Verisure is more expensive, but responsive support makes up for it, including 24/7 tech support.

With all security systems, customer service has a reputation for dropping in quality once a customer is signed and locked into their long-term contract. Therefore, considering customer service quality is one of the essential elements for a new system.

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Overall, Verisure has a better reputation for customer service response time. However, it’s a more expensive system over a three-year contract from most customers. The contracts and equipment offerings are quite similar between them.
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