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Install & System Costs

About £300+
(quotes vary widely)

Monthly Fees

Typically £30–40Free, £12.99, or £19.99 depending on plan
Contract requiredNo contracts

Professional Monitoring

RequiredNot required
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Verisure vs Simplisafe Costs

Verisure is the more expensive option, with costs typically adding up to £660 in the first year and £350 per year ongoing for monitoring. Understanding Verisure’s pricing is tricky because their sales process involves an in-person quote based on your home size and needs. This is good for customization; but bad in the sense that you have a salesperson in your home before you see the sticker cost. They do this to customize the system, but also to make sure you get upsold as much as possible during setup.

Simplisafe has lower costs, with a similar £250–500 base system cost for the equipment but a much lower monthly fee of no more than £19.99. It’s also much simpler, since all their pricing is standardized and listed on their site.

Overall, you’ll save around £240 per year going with Simplisafe. Just be aware it comes with major tradeoffs in useability if you are not comfortable setting up and maintaining a self-monitored system.

Verisure vs Simplisafe Contracts

Verisure requires long contracts, typically 2–3 years. This is long for the industry, which is trending towards contract-free services in 2022. The reason for the contract is that they quote, inspect, and install each system bespoke to the home. This is also why the pricing varies so much for Verisure plans, since they charge differently based on how many sensors are in the home.

Simplisafe has no contract requirements, which is normal for DIY systems that are self-installed and self-monitored.

Verisure vs Simplisafe Features

Verisure has the following sensors and features that are lacking from Simplisafe:

Otherwise, the individual equipment is quite similar; smart-home-style base stations connected to a mesh of sensors for windows, doors, detecting leaks, etc.

The key feature that Simplisafe offers that Verisure does not is self-monitoring. While limited, the Simplisafe system can be used without a monthly fee, provided you are OK with simply sounding a loud alarm rather than auto-deploying the police department.

Verisure vs Simplisafe Installation

Installation is one of the biggest differences between Verisure and Simplisafe.

Specifically, Verisure offers professional installation — often on the same day as your in-home inspection, which is part of their sales process.

Simplisafe does not offer any installation, since the system is designed to be extremely easy to set up. Simplisafe is fully wireless, and none of the equipment requires nails to install. We’ve tested this personally, and the wall stickers provided are surprisingly durable and capable of handling even the larger keypad devices.

Verisure vs Simplisafe Customer Service

Customer service is an area where Verisure has earned a strong reputation throughout the UK. While Simplisafe is relatively new to the market (launched in 2019), Verisure has been around for close to thirty years.

This shows in the consumer ratings, which consistently give Verisure top marks for customer service. Unlike most companies, calls are answered quickly and installation is often done same day.

Simplisafe has strong chat-based support, and their third-party monitoring in the UK is reliable. However, they don’t provide nearly the same level of tech support as Verisure.

3.5 / 5

Verisure and Simplisafe are both newcomers to the UK home alarm system market, but they have very different audiences. Verisure is best suited to homeowners that want highly customised systems. Simplisafe is meant for renters, since the system self-installs without nails or wires
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