About CrimeRate is a data analysis and GIS project dedicated to uncovering crime trends in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We aggregate open police force data, social media signals and file FOI requests with local police departments to build the most complete catalogue of crime and safety information in the region.

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Our location-based maps and database pages have recorded crime data back to 2010. Data for the past five years is more robust due to changes in police filing regulation and more complete record-keeping, as well as more complete data from social media networks and our own boots-on-the-ground FOI process. We are actively working to encourage more open data initiatives in the UK, since Greater Manchester Police do not maintain open data for their area.

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Our datasets have been featured and cited by government bodies including the United Nations and leading news outlets including The Financial Times, GQ, and

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Our Story was founded by Thomas Buck, an Engineer with a keen interest in open data and public safety. When in the process of purchasing a home near Brighton, Tom was surprised at how poor the online information was about the specifics of crime and safety over time in his new neighborhood. 100 million rows of government data and 50+ Freedom Of Information filings later, CrimeRate was launched.

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Founding Engineer

Thomas Buck

Thomas Buck is an Engineer with 15 years experience working with big data and four years experience working in the private eye sector as an OSINT specialist. In addition to working with large datasets, Tom also has a background in GIS, which he uses to produce and power the interactive maps you see on CrimeRate. He has a special interest in dog theft and safety, as the proud owner of a boisterous labrador named Ruby.

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