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Reviews of UK Home Security Options

While there are lots of home security options for homeowners and rental tenants across the UK, choosing the best system for your particular circumstances can be a tricky and time-consuming process. If you are renting a flat or house, getting permission from your landlord to set up or install a home security system can, at best, involve a tricky negotiation and, at worst, be a lost investment that you can't take with you when you move elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner, the bewildering number of home alarm systems and installation options that come with them can be quite overwhelming at first.

At CrimeRate, we write independent and impartial reviews and guides to the most common systems available, including Verisure, Simplisafe, and ADT, along with advice for what may be the best solution for your particular needs.

The market for home alarm and security systems is dominated by a few large names. We look at the largest, including ADT, Simplisafe, and Verisure, and point out the differences between each system, including installation costs, any ongoing costs, and key feature differences. Check out our home alarm and security system comparisons.

Alternatives to Verisure Home Security: Best Monitored Systems

The top alternatives to Verisure are Simplisafe (lower cost), Yale (wired equipment), and Ring (self-monitor plans).

Burglar alarms with no subscription fees

Our guide covers which brands in the UK are offered without monthly subscription fees, and how to avoid and reduce fees with popular systems.

CCTV installation costs: quotes & camera pricing comparison

We analyzed 17 CCTV camera supplies and five installers across the UK to provide cost ranges for each type of security camera system.

Burglar & intruder alarm cost guide 2022

Our survey of 11 home alarm systems found an average base cost of £562 and a range of £120–1,139 for burglar alarms, including equipment and installation.

Simplisafe Review: Home Security System

We dive into the details of Simplisafe's offering in the UK, what it costs, the differences between Simplisafe's Pro and Premium plans, equipment options, and how Simplisafe measures up against ADT and Verisure. We aso look at Simplisafe's smart home integrations, and its value for money.

Simplisafe: Do You Have to Subscribe Monthly?

At a glance, Simplisafe looks like a system that can be used without ongoing fees. We investigate what this looks like in practice, and what compromises are involved if you choose not to pay for one of Simplisafe's monthly plans.