Reviewing SiteGround's Hosting Security

4.5 / 5

SiteGround is a premium managed Wordpress hosting service what a lot to offer users from beginners to seasoned entrepreneurs. Features like shared hosting plans, excellent uptime, and flexible scaling come together to create a compelling package for those looking for their next hosting home.

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Thomas Buck

Pros and Cons of SiteGround


  • Flexible monthly and annual plans
  • Customisable server locations
  • Very stable uptime


  • No dedicated servers, VPS, or Windows servers

Choosing a web hosting service is really a game of details. There are a wide variety of competent companies to choose from, and settling on one can be difficult.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard of SiteGround. It’s one of the largest hosting providers around, and one with an excellent reputation for reliability. Does this reputation hold up in practice? Read on to learn about SiteGround’s pricing, features, and security capabilities.

SiteGround Key Features

SiteGround offers a litany of different web hosting solutions, from eCommerce to reseller sites and everything in between. In this review we’ll primarily focus on the company’s WordPress hosting service. ≠

There are several plans available to users, but all of them include the same base set of features. These include the following:

Features like free SSL and daily backups are becoming more commonplace, but it’s still great to see them included with all plans.

SiteGround also allows users to manually select their server location, which is somewhat rare for consumer hosting providers. For instance, you can default to US servers, or choose Asia-Pacific servers if you know your user base is predominantly in this region. This is probably above and beyond the scope for newer customers, but it’s still nice to see it as an option here.

Next up, we’ll take a look at some other unique features included in SiteGround plans, including the optional shared data tier.

SiteGround shared data hosting

SiteGround offers shared web hosting plans, which are essentially what they sound like; your site shares servers and bandwidth with others, lowering the cost for all involved. This is sometimes a good option for those on a budget, but just keep in mind that you’ll be somewhat limited during times of high usage.

How much does SiteGround cost?

SiteGround has three different tiers for their hosting services, each with varying capabilities and features. These include the following:

SiteGround’s entry-level WordPress tier StartUp has a fairly limited set of restrictions.It offers 10GB of cloud storage, a maximum of 10,000 monthly visitors, and a single WordPress site.

Up from there, GrowBig ups the storage to 20GB and monthly visitors to 25,000, while letting you host unlimited WordPress sites. For those who need more yet, GoGeek is the premium option, including 30GB of storage and 100,000 monthly visitors.

Each of these plans come standard with unlimited data transfers and email storage, as well as a variety of WordPress themes. Each also comes with the services built-in WordPress building tools: SG Optimizer, SuperCacher, and WP Migrator.

For those looking to customise their site without the need for complex coding, there are several features for you: the WP Starter plugin will let you tour a set of curated themes and features that you might find handy. These are more or less plug-and-play, which is great if you don’t want to fuss with setup intricacies. For those who do like to get lost in the details though, every element can be customised freely, of course.

How secure is SiteGround’s platform?

SiteGround comes complete with several first party security features. These include things like SiteCheck, which automatically scans your website periodically to confirm there isn’t any malware in the code. It goes a step further by offering SG Site Scanner, a tool that will alert you if your site is under attack by a hostile actor.

Beyond these elements, there is also SpamAssassin and SpamExperts for dealing with bulk spam, hotlink protection, IP blocking, and link auditing. Finally, SiteGround plans also include something they call Leech Protect, which allows you to prohibit users from posting sensitive information on the site.

If you’re looking for CloudFare support, you’ll thankfully find it here as well. Integration with your site is free, and provides an additional level of flexibility and security for your users.

Does SiteGround have good uptime?

Website reliability is one of the most important aspects of choosing a secure hosting service. SiteGround customer reviews paint a picture of an extremely stable hosting environment, with extended downtimes being almost nonexistent across the board.

Those newer to managed hosting may be unaware that website uptime is absolutely crucial when choosing a hosting provider. If your website goes down, even for a brief period, it can have a substantial impact on its performance and user base. This is especially true if you sell goods on your website, where a network loss can lead to financial loss.

Thankfully, based on both user accounts and our own firsthand experience, SiteGround does indeed have excellent uptime, allowing you to feel at ease when signing up.

SiteGround Customer Service & Support

SiteGround offers a wide variety of customer service options, including a 24/7 telephone and live chat. Notably, this applies to every tier, even the Basic option. Some competitors gate these features off for more “premium” users, so this is a definite strong point in SiteGround’s favour.

Better yet, when we tested these features, we were greeted by friendly and professional reps very quickly, with little to no hoops to jump through. Customer service always being within reach is something crucial top consider, as site problems (like downtime) can have a material impact on your business. With SiteGround, you’ll know that help is always a click (or call) away.

Is SiteGround the best UK hosting service?

Taking everything into consideration, SiteGround is one of the most comprehensive hosting solutions on the market today. Robust security elements, fair pricing, and an extremely flexible hosting service come together to create a package that is well-worth considering in 2022. Especially if you’re looking for an alternative to the biggest hosting giants, SiteGround is well worth a look for your next website.




Frequently Asked Questions

Does SiteGround have shared data hosting?

SiteGround features lower-cost shared hosting plans that users can opt into. While more affordable, these plans can have variable performance during peak times.

Is SiteGround worth the money?

SiteGround is among the highest-rated managed hosting providers on the market today. All of their hosting plans include everything you'll need to create a successful website of any size.

Is SiteGround a Russian company?

SiteGround is not a Russian company. SiteGround is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has data centres in the United States, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.

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