Coronavirus Legislation: Wrongful Charges

The UK's Coronavirus Legislation: Wrongful Charges

Report Summary

We analysed the coronavirus review findings from the CPS and calculated percentages of wrongful charges under the Coronavirus Act and, separately, those under Health Protection Regulations.

Coronavirus wrongful charges chart

We tabulated the results as:

MonthHealth CasesHealth Incorrectly ChargedHealth %Coronavirus Act CasesCoronavirus Incorrectly ChargedCoronavirus %
Jul 202016232213212.96%100.00%
Aug 202011220162014.29%100.00%
Sep 202012226152612.30%100.00%
Oct 20209131103110.99%100.00%
Nov 20209520282029.47%100.00%
Dec 20206214111417.74%100.00%
Jan 202115414391425.32%100.00%
Feb 2021171647627.49%100.00%

Updated: 18th May 2022