Allt-yr-yn Crime Overview

Allt-yr-yn is among the top 10 safest small towns in Gwent, and is the 37th safest overall out of Gwent's 117 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Allt-yr-yn in 2020 was 38 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares favourably to Gwent's overall crime rate, coming in 89% lower than the Gwent rate of 73 per 1,000 residents. For England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a whole, Allt-yr-yn is the 218th safest small town, and the 4,727th most dangerous location out of all towns, cities, and villages.

In May 2020, Allt-yr-yn was the worst small town in Gwent for burglary, with 11 crimes reported and a crime rate of 1.2 per 1,000 inhabitants. October 2020 was also a bad month for Allt-yr-yn residents, when it was Gwent's most dangerous small town for theft from the person, recording 1 crime at a rate of 0.11 per 1,000 residents. Allt-yr-yn recorded 3 reports of robbery during November 2019, making its crime rate of 0.33 the worst small town for robbery in Gwent that month.

The most common crimes in Allt-yr-yn are violence and sexual offences, with 142 offences during 2020, giving a crime rate of 15. This is 20% higher than 2019's figure of 113 offences and a difference of 3.15 from 2019's crime rate of 12. Allt-yr-yn's least common crimes are possession of weapons, with 1 offence recorded in 2020, a decrease of 300% from 2019's figure of 4 crimes.

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Crime in Allt-yr-yn Compared To Gwent

Summary of Crimes in Allt-yr-yn This Year

CrimeCountRateCountRateRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour15717.0623,95440.30136% safer
Bicycle Theft20.222860.48118% safer
Burglary283.042,2213.7423% safer
Criminal Damage and Arson90.981,3262.23128% safer
Drugs111.201,7702.98148% safer
Other Crime60.651,4262.40269% safer
Other Theft202.173,3175.58157% safer
Possession of Weapons10.112570.43291% safer
Public Order495.327,95713.39152% safer
Robbery20.222490.4291% safer
Shoplifting555.982,4244.0832% more dangerous
Theft From the Person10.112220.37236% safer
Vehicle Crime272.932,5004.2144% safer
Violence and Sexual Offences14215.4319,20732.31109% safer

Allt-yr-yn Compared to Nearby Small Towns

Small TownTotal CrimesCrime RateRate Difference
Rogerstone31127.5039% safer
Malpas23830.3626% safer
Beechwood25132.2719% safer
St. Julians29533.9513% safer
Alway30835.119% safer
Caerleon32641.908% more dangerous
Penyrheol, Trecenydd and Energlyn57645.5816% more dangerous
Caldicot46646.5818% more dangerous
Panteg38149.9323% more dangerous
Fairwater59350.8925% more dangerous

Crime Over Time in Allt-yr-yn

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Allt-yr-yn Crime Trends

 Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents 
Anti-Social Behaviour1211617Getting worse
Bicycle Theft0.650.430.650.22Safer
Burglary1. worse
Criminal Damage and Arson61.10.980.98Safer
Other Crime1.
Other Theft63.23.72.2Safer
Possession of Weapons--0.430.11Safer
Public Order3.6765Safer
Robbery (inc. mugging)0.870.980.980.22Safer
Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing)0.650.540.540.11Safer
Vehicle Crime4.64.172.9Safer
Violence and Sexual Offences8131215Getting worse

Changes In Allt-yr-yn's Crime Rates Over Time

Comparing Allt-yr-yn to the UK's Major Cities

Small TownCrime RateRate Difference
Barnet67.7143% more dangerous
Coventry77.4150% more dangerous
Croydon83.2254% more dangerous
Sheffield85.8155% more dangerous
Bristol86.2156% more dangerous
Leicester97.4461% more dangerous
Birmingham102.8763% more dangerous
Liverpool107.2864% more dangerous
Bradford133.0271% more dangerous
Leeds137.1072% more dangerous

Crime in Allt-yr-yn's Neighbourhoods

NeighbourhoodCrime CountCrime RateDanger Rank
Ridgeway & Glasllwch38460First

Crime in Allt-yr-yn During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Looking at the months the UK was in lockdown in 2020 due to Covid-19, how did crime rates in Allt-yr-yn change compared to the same month in 2019? The biggest increase in lockdown crime came in May, when Allt-yr-yn saw a 1,000% increase in burglary. Allt-yr-yn saw a large fall in public order during April, when it fell by 83% compared to April in 2019.

Anti-Social Behaviour-13%+675%+340%+333%+550%+350%+80%-+10%+500%
Criminal Damage and Arson----+100%-----50%
Other Crime------67%----
Other Theft-50%--50%--+50%-50%+100%--
Public Order-71%-83%-57%+200%+100%--+60%-17%-29%
Vehicle Crime-63%-83%-60%-20%-75%-80%--67%+50%-
Violence and Sexual Offences+30%+71%+56%+200%+25%+100%-55%+43%-29%-35%

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime in Allt-yr-yn

What police force serves Allt-yr-yn?
Allt-yr-yn's local territorial police force is the Gwent Police.
How dangerous is Allt-yr-yn?
Allt-yr-yn is among the top 10 safest small towns in Gwent.
What is Allt-yr-yn's most common crime?
The most common crimes in Allt-yr-yn are violence and sexual offences.
What is the least common crime in Allt-yr-yn?
Allt-yr-yn's least common crimes are possession of weapons.

Last updated: 07 May 2021