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Plymouth is the most dangerous city in Devon, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Devon's 403 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Plymouth in 2021 was 73 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares poorly to Devon's overall crime rate, coming in 29% higher than the Devon rate of 52 per 1,000 residents. For England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a whole, Plymouth is among the top 20 safest cities, and the 1,358th most dangerous location out of all towns, cities, and villages.

In December 2021, Plymouth had the worst crime rate in Devon for burglary, with 44 crimes reported and a crime rate of 0.17 per 1,000 inhabitants. December 2021 was also a bad month for Plymouth residents, when it was Devon's most dangerous area for criminal damage and arson, recording 214 crimes at a rate of 0.81 per 1,000 residents. Plymouth recorded 84 reports of drugs during December 2021, making its crime rate of 0.32 the worst for drugs in Devon that month.

The most common crimes in Plymouth are violence and sexual offences, with 10,556 offences during 2021, giving a crime rate of 40. This is 6% higher than 2020's figure of 9,935 offences and a difference of 2.34 from 2020's crime rate of 37. Plymouth's least common crime is bicycle theft, with 90 offences recorded in 2021, a decrease of 40% from 2020's figure of 126 crimes.

Plymouth 2022 Crime Scorecard

Most Dangerous

Cities, Devon

20% higher, regional crime rate

South West

0.36% higher, national crime rate

England, Wales & NI

Local Crime in Context

As of 2022, the crime rate in Plymouth is 20% higher than the South West and 0.36% higher than the England, Wales & Northern Ireland overall figure.

Plymouth Crime Rate Over Time

South West
England, Wales & NI

Plymouth Crime Map

Incidents mapped in Plymouth represent the time frame between April 2019 and March 2022. Each point on the map represents an area where crimes have been recorded locally.

Last updated: 11 May, 2022

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Historical Crime Rates for Plymouth

YearCrime Rate per
1,000 people
Total Crimes

Crime in Plymouth Compared To Devon

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Summary of Crimes in Plymouth This Year

CrimeCountRateCountRateRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour7,14726.8923,77919.81 26% more dangerous
Bicycle Theft900.343360.28 18% more dangerous
Burglary5462.052,1141.76 14% more dangerous
Criminal Damage and Arson2,3278.757,9566.63 24% more dangerous
Drugs1,0854.082,9292.44 40% more dangerous
Other Crime4291.611,7091.42 12% more dangerous
Other Theft1,1414.294,1113.43 20% more dangerous
Possession of Weapons2731.037770.65 37% more dangerous
Public Order1,4965.635,0584.21 25% more dangerous
Robbery1530.583800.32 45% more dangerous
Shoplifting7772.922,9322.44 16% more dangerous
Theft From the Person1130.433120.26 40% more dangerous
Vehicle Crime4421.662,0191.68 1.2% safer
Violence and Sexual Offences10,55639.7231,91026.59 33% more dangerous

Crime Over Time in Plymouth

View crime percentage over time for

Recent Crimes in Plymouth

DateCrime TypeLocationOutcome
March 2022BurglaryOn or near Havelock TerraceInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
March 2022DrugsOn or near St Marks RoadLocal resolution
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Weston Mill HillInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
March 2022Other theftOn or near Kennel HillUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Criminal damage and arsonOn or near Laira Park CrescentInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
March 2022Criminal damage and arsonOn or near Lipstone CrescentUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Nelson GardensUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Halley GardensUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Seaton PlaceUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Other theftOn or near Ingra RoadInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Widey LaneUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Public orderOn or near Roberts RoadOffender given a caution
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Hill Park CrescentUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Fairfax TerraceUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022DrugsOn or near Dunclair ParkLocal resolution
March 2022Public orderOn or near Parking AreaUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Other theftOn or near St Levan RoadInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
March 2022Other theftOn or near Oakham RoadUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Clearbrook AvenueUnable to prosecute suspect
March 2022Violence and sexual offencesOn or near Mildmay StreetUnable to prosecute suspect

Plymouth Crime Trends

 Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents 
Anti-Social Behaviour32303327 Safer
Bicycle Theft0.700.600.470.34 Safer
Burglary4. Safer
Criminal Damage and Arson101099 Safer
Drugs3. Getting worse
Other Crime1. Safer
Other Theft764.84.3 Safer
Possession of Weapons0.740.991.21.0 Getting worse
Public Order5566 Getting worse
Robbery (inc. mugging)0.590.740.700.58 Safer
Shoplifting653.82.9 Safer
Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing)0.670.770.440.43 Safer
Vehicle Crime4. Safer
Violence and Sexual Offences37363740 Getting worse

Changes In Plymouth's Crime Rates Over Time

Offences in Plymouth's Green Spaces

We only display green spaces in Plymouth that are named, and have had crimes recorded within their boundaries during 2021.

NameASBDrugsPublic OrderRobberyVSOAll OthersCrimes per Hectare
Bladder Meadow8---448
Central Park3---410.12
Devonport Park-----10.06
Millbay Park Recreation Ground7-1--06
The Astor Playing Field415-5212

Comparing Plymouth to the UK's Major Cities

CityCrime RateRate Difference
Coventry39.9383% safer
Birmingham49.6047% safer
Barnet67.089% safer
Croydon82.4811% more dangerous
Sheffield90.0319% more dangerous
Bristol90.5219% more dangerous
Leicester111.5935% more dangerous
Liverpool123.0641% more dangerous
Bradford132.2845% more dangerous
Leeds150.9452% more dangerous

Crime in Plymouth's Neighbourhoods

City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour is the most dangerous neighbourhood in Plymouth, followed by Millbay & Stonehouse in second place, and Devonport, Mount Wise & Morice Town as the third most dangerous area. Plymouth's safest neighbourhoods are, in order, Peverell, Plympton St Mary, and Plymstock Goosewell & Staddiscombe.

NeighbourhoodCrime CountCrime RateDanger Rank
Cattedown & Prince Rock1,067112Fifth
City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour2,545240First
Deer Park & Leigham3394617th
Devonport, Mount Wise & Morice Town1,124120Third
Efford, Laira & Crabtree74682Seventh
Ford & Blockhouse Park64281Eighth
Glenholt & Widewell2143025th
Ham, Beacon Park & Pennycross3974419th
Higher Compton & Eggbuckland2483521st
Honicknowle & Manadon6277112th
Mannamead & Hartley2613322nd
Millbay & Stonehouse2,425196Second
North Prospect50474Tenth
Plympton Chaddlewood2003024th
Plympton St Mary2283026th
Plympton St Maurice2453323rd
Plympton Underwood2963920th
Plymstock Goosewell & Staddiscombe1702328th
St Budeaux82779Ninth
Stoke & Pennycomequick5037411th
Tamerton Foliot4836016th

Plymouth Neighbourhood Crime Breakdown

Showing the safest and most dangerous parts of Plymouth for specific criminal activity, with crime count and rate shown in brackets.

Crime TypeSafest NeighbourhoodMost Dangerous Neighbourhood
Anti-Social BehaviourPeverell (47)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (1,090)
Bicycle TheftSt Budeaux (1)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (21)
BurglaryPlymstock Goosewell & Staddiscombe (3)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (76)
Criminal Damage and ArsonPlympton Chaddlewood (10)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (262)
DrugsPlympton St Maurice (5)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (232)
Other CrimeMannamead & Hartley (3)Millbay & Stonehouse (44)
Other TheftPlymstock Goosewell & Staddiscombe (7)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (156)
Possession of WeaponsTamerton Foliot (1)Millbay & Stonehouse (54)
Public OrderGlenholt & Widewell (8)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (249)
Robbery (inc. mugging)St Budeaux (1)Millbay & Stonehouse (39)
ShopliftingHam, Beacon Park & Pennycross (1)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (223)
Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing)Mannamead & Hartley (1)Millbay & Stonehouse (34)
Vehicle CrimePlympton St Maurice (3)Millbay & Stonehouse (45)
Violence and Sexual OffencesPlympton St Mary (98)City Centre, Barbican & Sutton Harbour (1,165)

Crime in Plymouth During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Looking at the months the UK was in lockdown in 2020 due to Covid-19, how did crime rates in Plymouth change compared to the same month in 2019? The biggest increase in lockdown crime came in April, when Plymouth saw a 380% increase in bicycle theft. Plymouth saw a large fall in bicycle theft during November, when it fell by 95% compared to November in 2019. Vehicle Crime saw a fall in every month of Plymouth's lockdown.

Anti-Social Behaviour-7%+39%+14%+8%+7%+4%+27%+15%+20%+11%
Bicycle Theft-31%+380%-10%-32%-24%-50%-71%+9%-95%-56%
Criminal Damage and Arson-13%-19%-15%+8%+4%+29%+10%-22%-15%-36%
Other Crime-6%-3%+54%-31%-29%-15%-21%+7%+3%+6%
Other Theft-23%-31%-38%-24%-29%-31%-12%-6%-19%-32%
Possession of Weapons-19%+56%+18%+35%-+122%+36%-3%+53%-23%
Public Order-29%-19%-26%-4%+13%+21%+19%+5%-5%+38%
Theft From the Person-24%-73%-79%-58%-39%-56%-27%-56%-31%-65%
Vehicle Crime-16%+24%-54%-49%-49%-26%-16%-39%-64%-67%
Violence and Sexual Offences-11%+2%-11%-4%+9%+3%+20%+22%-11%-4%

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime in Plymouth

What police force serves Plymouth?
Plymouth's local territorial police force is the Devon & Cornwall Police.

How dangerous is Plymouth?
Plymouth is the most dangerous city in Devon.

What is Plymouth's most common crime?
The most common crimes in Plymouth are violence and sexual offences.

What is the least common crime in Plymouth?
Plymouth's least common crime is bicycle theft.

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