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Cheshire is the 28th most dangerous county in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The overall crime rate in Cheshire in 2021 was 72 crimes per 1,000 people, and the most common crimes were violence and sexual offences, which happened to roughly every 37 out of 1,000 residents.

Out of all of Cheshire's larger towns and cities, Northwich is the most dangerous. The next most dangerous is Winsford, and Crewe comes in as third most dangerous. There are safer parts of Cheshire, starting with Poulton-with-Fearnhead which ranks as the safest area in Cheshire, followed up by Penketh in second place, and Great Boughton in third place.

Cheshire Crime Map

Incidents mapped in Cheshire represent the time frame between April 2019 and March 2022. Each point on the map represents an area where crimes have been recorded locally.

Last updated: 09 Apr, 2021

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Cheshire Crime Summary

Anti-Social Behaviour21,87620.51
Bicycle Theft7150.67
Criminal Damage and Arson6,8936.46
Other Crime1,4011.31
Other Theft4,6064.32
Possession of Weapons3000.28
Public Order12,87212.07
Theft From the Person2240.21
Vehicle Crime2,1342.00
Violence and Sexual Offences39,46437.00

Cheshire's Population Centres

NameTotal CrimesCrime RateRate Difference from Cheshire
Alsager53644 63% safer
Appleton969 659% safer
Birchwood494.8 1398% safer
Bollington35044 62% safer
Burtonwood and Westbrook69362 15% safer
Chester7,56786 17% more dangerous
Congleton1,55258 23% safer
Crewe7,22796 26% more dangerous
Culcheth and Glazebury33139 85% safer
Ellesmere Port5,69392 22% more dangerous
Frodsham55961 17% safer
Grappenhall and Thelwall353.6 1867% safer
Great Boughton40.48 14817% safer
Great Sankey1,33144 64% safer
Knutsford74357 26% safer
Lymm65151 40% safer
Macclesfield4,59282 13% more dangerous
Middlewich76854 32% safer
Nantwich1,18785 16% more dangerous
Neston68045 61% safer
Northwich2,259103 30% more dangerous
Penketh30.37 19251% safer
Poulton-with-Fearnhead40.24 29733% safer
Poynton-with-Worth40229 150% safer
Runcorn5,75493 23% more dangerous
Sandbach85041 75% safer
Upton-by-Chester384.5 1498% safer
Warrington11,49067 8% safer
Widnes5,17181 11% more dangerous
Wilmslow1,42855 29% safer
Winsford3,06597 26% more dangerous
Wistaston232.9 2344% safer

Crime Trends in Cheshire

 Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents 
Anti-Social Behaviour22202621 Safer
Bicycle Theft1. Safer
Burglary3. Safer
Criminal Damage and Arson8976 Safer
Drugs1. Safer
Other Crime1. Safer
Other Theft664.44.3 Safer
Possession of Weapons0.450.420.300.28 Safer
Public Order14131212 Safer
Robbery (inc. mugging)0.330.450.350.33 Safer
Shoplifting664.23.1 Safer
Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing)0.530.620.210.21 Safer
Vehicle Crime3. Safer
Violence and Sexual Offences29333537 Getting worse
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