Crime in Swansea

Swansea is the 59th most dangerous county in England and Wales. The overall crime rate in Swansea in 2020 was 67 crimes per 1,000 people, and the most common crimes were violence and sexual offences, which happened to roughly every 26 out of 1,000 residents.

Out of all of Swansea's larger towns and cities, Castle is the most dangerous. The next most dangerous is Penderry, and Cockett comes in as third most dangerous. There are safer parts of Swansea, starting with Llwchwr which ranks as the safest area in Swansea, followed up by Mumbles in second place, and Clydach in third place.

Crime Map of Swansea

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Swansea Crime Summary

Anti-Social Behaviour7,79430.92
Bicycle Theft1840.73
Criminal Damage and Arson1,8527.35
Other Crime3171.26
Other Theft1,2985.15
Possession of Weapons1370.54
Public Order2,1238.42
Theft From the Person1290.51
Vehicle Crime1,2034.77
Violence and Sexual Offences6,48825.74

Swansea's Population Centres

 Total CrimesCrime RateRate Difference from Swansea
Birchgrove3704646% safer
Bonymaen527704.5% more dangerous
Castle3,57120066% more dangerous
Clydach3314355% safer
Cockett1,2098723% more dangerous
Cwmbwrla5947612% more dangerous
Gorseinon5545814% safer
Llwchwr27829130% safer
Morriston1,2897815% more dangerous
Mumbles6483971% safer
Mynyddbach7087814% more dangerous
Penderry1,1819026% more dangerous
Sketty6754644% safer
St. Thomas552670.21% safer
Townhill7478219% more dangerous
Uplands1,113715% more dangerous

Crime Trends in Swansea

 Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents 
Anti-Social Behaviour26222031Getting worse
Bicycle Theft1.00.980.820.73Safer
Criminal Damage and Arson111097Safer
Drugs2. worse
Other Crime1.
Other Theft7875Safer
Possession of Weapons0.480.470.600.54Getting worse
Public Order7898Getting worse
Theft From the Person0.830.940.710.51Safer
Vehicle Crime6674.8Safer
Violence and Sexual Offences25282926Safer

Last updated: 18 Feb 2021